Today I finally decided to stop hosting my own git repositories and just move to GitHub. Hosting them on my VPS was never particularly difficult or demanding, but I was never happy with the web interface I had set up (cgit). cgit itself is great and easy enough to use. I had my web server just dispatch CGI requests to it and everything was fine. The only problem was that I didn't put enough effort into making it fit with the rest of my site visually. I was also never quite sure about the stability of the hosting setup that I had constructed.

GitHub solved both of these issues: it seems reasonably stable and doesn't give me the option to customize the appearance of the repositories. This way I don't have to agonize over it. I went to go sign up and was shocked to see that travitch, was taken. Annoyed, I looked to see what this person was hosting. Well, it turns out that I had already signed up a few months ago and completely forgotten about it. That was pretty convenient, so I ran with it (after I remembered the password). In the process of migrating my repositories, I got rid of a few that I didn't want to maintain anymore. I'm just deleting me scripts for the uzbl browser since I don't use it anymore. The code for my PLDI 2009 work is going away temporarily (tarballs are still available on my research page); this code will be superseded by something better soon.

My former git hosting solution was obtuse enough that it actually took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to disable it. I set it up months ago and never documented how I was starting all of the associated services. Eventually, I just uninstalled the service and my package manager figured out what I was doing, somehow.