I've been using Adobe Source Code Pro as my primary font for a while. The other day I tried to update from 1.013 to 1.017 for no particular reason; this caused some Problems. As soon as I switched, the font looked awful in my terminals (no matter how many times I rebuilt the font cache). It still looked fine in GUI programs (e.g., gvim). I am not a font expert, but it seems like a new weight was added in this release: medium. Somehow this became the default weight, while the regular weight was much thinner. The default was more bold than I was used to.

I ended up having to revert. We will see what happens with the next released version. This font is still one of my favorites - it has a distinctive yet clean look. My only complaint is that the zero is dotted and not slashed. I also like Consolas, but the license of Source Code Pro is much nicer.

Speaking of fonts, I also seem to have trouble getting bold fonts in my terminal vim. I will probably have to spend an afternoon some day debugging everything font related.