Recently, I cut a long overdue release of Taffybar, my desktop bar for xmonad (or any window manager, really). The changes are in the changelog. A few highlights are:

  • Better support for resizing screens
  • A few new widgets
  • A completely new pager built on EWMH
  • Vastly improved power usage
  • Fixed an annoying bug where time zone changes are not picked up

More recent fixes deal with breakage from the network/network-uri split. Now on a Hackage near you.

I have no specific plans for interesting new development at this point, but I am happy to take suggestions (or, better yet, patches). I have been mulling over some ideas for a better way to present freedesktop notifications for a while, but I do not have a concrete plan yet. The biggest outstanding bug I know of relates to handling of xrandr events. Right now, removing a monitor with a taffybar on it makes you lose your bar, which is fairly annoying. I need to figure out what my options are on that front. I am sure that there are some xrandr events that one can listen for.